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24V - 12V Step Down Voltage Converters

We manufacture a comprehensive range of  DC-DC Step Up Voltage Converters to suit most applications.

The Converters are Switching Type therefore offering maximum efficiency, thus saving valuable Battery Power during the conversion process, as opposed to Linear Types that are inefficient and run hot.

The Converters have been designed using a building block system to obtain the power needed to suit your requirements


24V - 12V 4AMP Voltage Converter Isolated (Part No. E1006)

24V - 12V 15AMP Voltage Converter (Part No. E710-MOD1)

24V - 12V 15AMP Voltage Converter No Control Lead (Part No. E1069)

24V - 12V 15AMP Voltage Converter Isolated (Part No. E961-MOD1)

24V - 12V 30AMP Voltage Converter Twin (Part No. E941)

24V - 12V 45AMP Voltage Converter (Part No. E796)

24V - 12V 60AMP Voltage Converter (Part No. E797)

24V - 12V 90AMP Voltage Converter (Part No. E1165)

   24V - 12V 30AMP Voltage                                24V - 12V 90AMP Voltage Converter (Part No. E1165)

Converter Twin (Part No. E941)

Step Down Voltage Converters 24v to 12v