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Inverted Liquid Level Monitors

These Electronic Control Units monitor the Liquid Level via a Stainless Steel Probe located in a suitable position in the vessel etc.                                                                                             

In contrast to our other Liquid Level Monitors (which alert you to falling liquid level), these Inverted Units are activated when the Liquid Level RISES and reaches the Probe.

At this stage a signal is sent from the Monitor to either:-
• a Buzzer / Warning Light to warn of the presence of liquid
• a Relay which can be used to switch low current items up to 70A
• a Relay which can be used to control a Contactor for switching larger currents

The Units can be provided with an Audible Warning Device and / or an Indicator Lamp.     
Wiring Diagram shown for E1024 Flat Pack Unit
Inverted Liquid Level Monitors