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This unit was originally designed to flash a 3 LED Seat Belt warning sign for a period of time after the coach door is closed.

The Timed Period can be set to any value between 5 seconds and about 3 minutes.

A multi-turn preset is used to provide easy and accurate adjustment giving approximately 9 seconds per turn.

It will work with voltages from 9V to 30V and is capable of interrupting the power to a 500mA maximum load.
Suggested Adjustment Method:
1. First measure the timed period and make a note of its value (Time old).

2. To calculate the number of turns use the following formula:                    Turns = (Time wanted – Time old) / 9.   A positive value means turn the adjuster clockwise a negative value means turn the adjuster anti-clockwise

3. After adjusting the preset measure the Timed Period (Time old)

4. If timed period is accurate enough then finish if not repeat 2 and 3 above
E996 Variable Timed Interrupter