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This Unit was designed to operate 3 X 24V 21W Bulbs and a maximum of 6 in Hazard Mode.

The Lamp overload feature reduces the flash rate to
1 operation every 4 seconds if the total load exceeds 6.5 bulbs.

The flash rate increases in frequency if only  1 X 21W bulb is connected and the ‘S’ Terminal is unconnected.

If 3 Lamps are connected and the ‘S’ Terminal is connected to zero volts (- 0V) the flash rate will increase when only 2 bulbs remain connected.

With the ‘S’ terminal unconnected, the ‘P’ Terminal will operate when 2 bulbs are connected.

When the ‘S’ Terminal is connected to zero volts (- 0V), the ‘P’ Terminal operates when 3 lamps are connected.

The Unit is available in a choice of 2 Case styles: - 530-DIN and 530-SS
530 - DIN
530 - SS
530-SS Electronic Flasher