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Temperature Monitors (THERMALARMS)

What does a THERMALARM do?

This range of Electronic Control Units monitor the Temperature of the Engine Oil / Water etc., via a Sensor Probe located in a suitable position, giving immediate warning of overheating.

The units can be supplied with flashing or continuous light output.

An audible warning output facility is incorporated in all units.

The units are suitable for isolated or non-isolated wiring systems.

All standard THERMALARMS are housed in a Flat Pack Case which is fully encapsulated with a flame retardant resin system to cope with harsh environments.       

All THERMALARMS work from 9V - 30V DC

How to choose the right THERMALARM
Choose the Temperature (from the chart) at which you would like the THERMALARM to warn you of Over Heating.

Choose between a Continuous or Flashing (Intermittent) Warning Signal (which can be linked to a Sounder and / or a Lamp)

All THERMALARMS carry out a Self Test check at Power On (this checks the circuit function and warning indicators)
This unit has been designed in such a way that it can be used with virtually all LPG gas engines.

The CRYOLARM’S function is to monitor the fuel supply line and if it detects the presence of liquid gas (-40ºC) via the CRYOLARM PROBE, it produces warning and shut down signals.

The CRYOLARM PROBE can be supplied with a number of different thread sizes to suit most applications.

893 (- 40 Deg.C) CRYOLARM for LPG Gas Engines
Thermalarms (Temperature Monitors)
Cryolarm (for LPG Gas Engines)