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Water Level Monitors (AQUALARMS)

What does an AQUALARM do?

This range of Electronic Control Units monitor the Coolant Level via a Stainless Steel Probe located in the radiator or header tank.            

Should the coolant fall below a given level, the driver is given immediate audible and / or visual warning and can act accordingly to prevent a costly re-fit or repair.                                       
The Units can be provided with an Audible Warning Device and / or an Indicator Lamp                                                                                 

Flat Pack units are fully encapsulated with a flame retardant resin system to cope with harsh environments.   

This large Range of Products has been designed for the P.S.V., H.G.V., Military and many other markets.

They are considered by many to be the industry standard and have a proven track record of overcoming problems of damaged engines through coolant loss.

All AQUALARMS work from 9V - 30V DC

How to choose the right AQUALARM

Choose the Case you prefer from a choice of 4 Case Styles to suit your requirements

Choose between a Continuous or Flashing (Intermittent) Warning Signal (which can be linked to a Sounder and / or a Lamp)

Decide if you would like the AQUALARM to carry out a Self Test check at Power On (this checks the circuit function and warning indicators)

Decide if you would like the AQUALARM to have a DELAY (this helps to prevent false alarms by allowing for the swishing of the water in the radiator or header tank whilst the vehicle is moving)          

Additional Options

If required, a Relay can be fitted to provide a Power Switching Circuit. This can be connected either from Pin 2 to Chassis (instead of the Buzzer) or from Pin 5 (instead of the Lamp).
Aqualarms (Liquid Level Monitors)

Did you know that we now offer INVERTED Liquid Level Monitors which warn of RISING Liquid Level?

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