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Safety & Security

This unit was designed to keep a Vehicle’s engine running when the ignition key is removed. There are two safety interlocks, the handbrake must be on and the clutch engaged.
Wiring Diagram - Handbrake Switch to Positive
Wiring Diagram - Handbrake Switch to Negative
Pin 1: Ignition Switch (Battery)
Pin 2: Ignition Sw. (Ign. Circuit)
Pin 3: Supply Negative
Pin 4: H/brake ON Indicator -ve
Pin 5: Momentary Switch
Pin 6: Momentary Switch
Pin 7: Clutch Switch
Pin 8: H/brake ON Indicator +ve

There are two ways to wire the Unit depending on the configuration of the Handbrake Switch and Bulb on the Vehicle.
In both cases Pins 8 and 4 are wired across the Bulb, Pin 8
1. To activate the unit the Vehicle must have the clutch engaged and the handbrake on.

2. With the engine running, a momentary switch is depressed.

3. The ignition key can now be removed. The engine will continue to run.

4. Upon returning to the Cab, the driver must insert the ignition key before the handbrake is released or the clutch is depressed, otherwise the engine will cut out.
Run Safe