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Safety & Security


This Unit was designed to give an audible warning to the driver upon leaving the cab that the handbrake has not been applied.

The Unit works by sensing the handbrake and door switches. If the door is opened and the handbrake is not applied then a sounder gives an audible warning.

The Unit will work with the ignition on or off.

The output to the sounder can also be used to drive a warning lamp up to a maximum total current of 500mA.
Wiring Diagram - Handbrake Switch to Positive
Wiring Diagram - Handbrake Switch to Negative
Pin 1: Battery +ve - Constant
Pin 2: H/brake Sw. +ve supply
Pin 3: H/brake Sw. +ve side
Pin 4: H/brake Sw. -ve side
Pin 5: Sounder Output +ve
Pin 6: Sounder Output -ve
Pin 7: Battery -ve
Pin 8: Door Switch +ve side

Pins 6 and 7 are internally connected.

There are two ways to wire the Unit depending on the configuration of the Handbrake Switch and Bulb on the Vehicle. In both cases Pins 3 and 4 are wired across the Handbrake Switch, Pin 3 going to the
Park Safe