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Temperature Probes for use with CRYOLARM

This comprehensive range of Probes has been designed for the P.S.V., H.G.V., Military and many other Markets.

They have been specifically designed to work in conjunction with our CRYOLARM.

They are robust, easy to fit and have a proven track record.
A range of stock sizes is available to suit most applications.  

Fitting Accessories are also available.
893 (- 40 Deg.C.) CRYOLARM

This unit has been designed in such a way that it can be used with virtually all LPG gas engines.

The CRYOLARM’S function is to monitor the fuel supply line and if it detects the presence of liquid gas (-40ºc) via the CRYOLARM PROBE, it produces warning and shut down signals.

The CRYOLARM PROBE can be supplied with a number of different thread sizes to suit most applications.

The CRYOLARM is RFI and EMC approved and has a proven track record
Cryolarm (for LPG Gas Engines)